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DNA Testing

DNA paternity testing determines the biological father of a child. We all inherit our DNA from our biological parents — half of our mother and a half from our father. A DNA paternity test compares a child’s DNA pattern with that of the assumed father to determine if there is a match. When performed in an experienced, accredited laboratory, it’s the most definitive proof of a biological relationship — 100% accuracy guaranteed.


If you need paternity test results that can be used as a legal document, then a Legal DNA Test must be performed. Some common reasons for a Legal DNA Test include:


  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Immigration
  • Birth Certificate
  • Tax Forms
  • Will / Estate
  • Court Order
  • Adoption
  • Legal reasons

Your First Step…

Since every situation is unique, we highly recommend that you call our Paternity Experts to ensure you order the test that’s right for you. At MLH Solutions, we want your experience to be fast, confidential and easy. Our goal is to help you find the answers you need. 


Locations Near You

A legal paternity test requires that all parties have their DNA samples collected at a certified facility such as a hospital, medical office, or health department. When you place your order with DDC, a Scheduling Specialist will arrange an appointment near your home or office at a convenient time. We have the largest network of sample collection sites in the world with thousands of locations from which to choose.


Your Legal Proof of Paternity

Your DNA samples will be sent securely in tamper-proof packaging to our accredited laboratory in Fairfield, Ohio where the DNA testing begins. Our laboratory technicians will carefully handle and prepare your DNA samples for processing. Every paternity test using cheek swabs is run two separate times in the lab and the results are triple-checked by our scientists. You never have to worry about a mix-up or wrong results. As soon as the results are verified, a legal document that is admissible in a court of law is mailed to you.

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